With severe cases leading to corneal scarring and decreased vision.

He had been rubbing the eyes constantly, and his mom said they had been red for some full months, becoming even more itchy, watery and swollen during the last few weeks and having an occasional stringy discharge. The boy was photophobic and very reluctant to eliminate his baseball cap because of the glare of the room lights; he wore sunglasses constantly when outside. He was well and was acquiring no topical otherwise, ocular or systemic medications. Questioning revealed a history of childhood asthma and mild eczema Further.The fact that almond growers weren’t permitted to fully take part in developing and approving this guideline undermines its legitimacy, said Ryan Miltner, the lawyer representing the almond growers. Rather than raising the amount of income for farmers and offering handlers with orderly advertising conditions, added Miltner, this specific regulation creates classes of financial winners and losers. That type of discriminatory financial segregation is definitely anathema to the intended reason for the federal marketing purchase system. Retailers of raw almonds have already been expressing their unhappiness also, based on responses from their customers, with the raw almond treatment rule.