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Altman, who first joined the registry in the school, is to live both by their patients the will and dedication to help others impressed. ‘Dana is an inspiration,’said Altman. ‘To go through her experience and then not everything they receive raise awareness and get others signed up to, is truly remarkable.

Moreover, the government is healthcare health has with inadequate treatment. Causing discrimination and stigmatization of HIV positive people in the hospitals also have some people who are clinics that visit advertise in newspapers, posters, leaflets and graffiti.. In April, Living with HIV / AIDS launches campaign against illegal clinicsThe Indian Network for People Living with HIV / AIDS a national campaign a national campaign against illegal clinics whose workers claim to cure HIV / AIDS with herbal and homeopathic treatments to life, Reuters reported. According to Reuters, many HIV-positive people in the country, the illegal the illegal clinics because they can not afford private treatment rooms.An stroke occurs if a blood vessel on blocked blocked and ruptures, foiling the flow of oxygenated blood. And as of mechanism is unclear, suggests a new study chronic stress can enhance the risk of stroke.

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Past studies have linked stress to the cold, cancer and cardiac disease. And persons with optimistic outlook in uncertain times the best in uncertain times , are less likely to suffered strokes, after a 2014 trial released the journal Stroke.