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Second, while the antibody are bound to the sperm, it was not as selective as expected ed drugs . It was the binding of the antibody to both the head and tail of spermatozoa, not just the acrosome. This could have been due to the fact that a mouse-derived antibody mouse mouse model, which could the occurrence the occurrence of a significant amount of non – associated specific binding of the sperm in combination were used. There was also background staining within the tubules , which complicates the identification of the semen. Also, it is unknown the extent to which the antibodies prove to be detrimental to the sperm, making it unusable for IVF. In our animal model is the testes were excised from the mice prior to microscopic analysis, because the sample can be observed under the confocal microscope necessary immersion in water. Obviously a different method for the analysis of human testis tissue on the object is required. Intraoperative performance of confocal microscopy was able to address this problem, but the equipment required for this procedure in the operating room may be challenging.

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In New have been published in 2009 guidelines for the diagnosis and in pulmonary hypertension. The guidelines prepared jointly by a Task Force the European Society of Cardiology and at European Respiratory Society , the Task Force also contain experts the International Society Heart and Lung Transplantation .

The new guidance of 2009, a new clinical classification of pulmonary hypertension which identifies six different clinical groups. But, regardless of the underlying causal mechanism pulmonary artery hypertension is characterized by the a poor prognosis. In fact, said Professor Nazzareno the Gali, from the Institute for Cardiology, University of Bologna, Italy, and Chair of the Guidelines Taskforce: It is the multidisciplinary nature the pulmonary hypertension and its severity which have been needed for the new guidelines. .