Which the critical role that the normal p53 protein in the defense against cancer won.

However, although for P53 tumor suppressor protein that DNA for anti-cancer activity BoundMore than half of human cancers involved mutations in the p53 tumor suppressor gene, which the critical role that the normal p53 protein in the defense against cancer won. Likewise, about 95 % of cancer-causing mutations in the p53 protein occur in its DNA-binding core domain, pointing to this region of the p53 protein as crucial for its anti-cancer activity.

.. Now, in a new study as ‘Paper of the Week’and on the cover the 21 Presented July issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, researchers at the Wistar Institute successfully determined the three-dimensional structure of the p53 protein bound to DNA as a dimer, and the structure used to generate an accurate model of the p53 tetramer bound to DNA.

The bottom line is that we now have a detailed picture of how p53 binds DNA, says Ronen Marmorstein, a professor in the Gene Expression and Regulation Program at Wistar and senior author of the study. In view of the fact that an important tumor suppressor p53, which is mutated in the majority of human cancers, this will certainly be useful information.Two of these patients had also good for C. Parapsilosis , a fungus that sepsis may lead immunosuppressed patients. – patients for C. Parapsilosis a positive by the dialyzer only, and one had Candida in the blood Candida in the blood and into the dialyzer traceable traced of genetically it in the same Pilz in a water tap in the Formation room, where dialyzer dialyzers and germs. The infections were report the public health department in August 2014.

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