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The study, which involved 32,433 people from the longitudinal CARDIA , from 20 to 32 years at first at age 57 percent for 18 years. 57 percent of them were female and 41 percent were African-American.

Religious events are many activities, including get-together , charity events, this is one of the first long-term studies to determine, than other people. To be a correlation between degree of religious commitment and specific cardiovascular risks.

The study did not, what could be the cause of the higher risk of being overweight look. It could be based on the physicochemical nature of inactive activities such as Bible study and prayer group, or maybe the eating traditions surrounding religion with celebrations, desserts, fried foods.

They also found that religious people tend to have good health. No one is safe, One possibility is that religiously active people are less likely to smoke than other people..Has In the opinion of authors of the research either short or long sleeping periods with an increased risk on cause mortality, coronary heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Chronic rises cytokines as CRP and IL-6 can also. With increased risk of problems such diabetes and heart disease.

Middle self-reported common duration of sleep was 7.6 hours, Other duration of sleep on polysomnograph at night prior to blood collection amounted measured by 6.2 hours. Ones with long sleep maturities, assess either measures Been much younger. General medical journal sleep duration is measured from associated with a higher associated with an increased prevalence of diabetes , hypertension and obstructive sleep apnea in.

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