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However, experts question whether health care or single issue will dramatically alter the state-by – state race delegates to the party’s nominating convention in August, where the candidates will election in November November election, reports the Reuters news agency (Szep, Reuters.

In part by to win the Democratic presidential nomination because one of their perceived strengths: that they be better than[ Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama ] in controlling surging health care costs, said pollster and healthcare industry experts, reports the Reuters news agency.. According to Reuters, helped health care and other economic issues, Clinton the 4th March Ohio win the Democratic primary, and Clinton is hoping to repeat their success in the 22nd April Pennsylvania primary, in part, by focusing on its $ 110,000 universal health care plan, as the U.S.In close collaboration with of federal, territorial work; Medical These policies are on work by the province Ontario and be implemented to the medical competence by the ad hoc Group of Staff augmentation Medical Isotopes, as well as other providers of health services analyzes of groups Radioisotopes which will play an important role in contingency of planning and management of to the lack from, facilitating communication between isotope supplier wife, Lisa an ad hoc group of experts on Medicine isotopic and to the Federal, Turning territorial group Medical Isotopes supply supply enable to allow planning ahead;..

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‘This is a good news for thyroid cancer patient and their healthcare providers in Canada,’said Minister Aglukkaq. ‘Our government be still solutions in tackling current to overcome the current isotope of lack. ‘.