When the researchers included unhealthy behaviors in the analysis.

However, when the researchers included unhealthy behaviors in the analysis, they found that smoking and physical inactivity alone explains about 63 % of the increased cardiovascular risk. alcohol consumption explained less than 2 % of the risk, while high blood pressure explained 13 % and CRP explained just under 6 %. ‘This study to better understand the relative contributions of stress-related changes in behavior and physiology may lead to heart disease,’said Roland of K nel, a professor of medicine and psychiatry and director of the psychocardiology? Unit of the Swiss Cardiovascular Center at University Hospital of Bern, Switzerland. Nel not participate in the study, but was asked to write an editorial commentary in the same issue of JACC.

At the same time a nurse took a blood sample, which later was on common physical risk factors for heart disease, such as cholesterol as well as C – reactive protein , a marker of arterial inflammation tested. The researchers also collected information about height, weight, physical activity, alcohol consumption and smoking, and had access to each participant ‘s medical history, including information on blood pressure.ImmunoGen , is a biopharmaceutical company which develops targeted anti cancer agents, report encouraging clinical data with his IMGN901 product candidate to the treat relapsed and relapsed / refractory multiple myeloma , including prolonged useful in patients with disease well advanced on multiple previous cycle. Those results were observed in of the American Society Hematology 51 Annual Conference and issuing in New Orleans, MA supported shown.

– The overall clinical benefit rate was 46 percent.

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