What diagnoses should be considered and whats appropriate management?

A teenager with an unstable knee A 19-year-old lady presents with a swollen and painful knee after a netball injury generic cialis usa . What diagnoses should be considered and what’s appropriate management? Case presentation History and examination A 19-year-old pupil presented to her GP with the right knee that was swollen and painful. She reported that she have been playing netball when the knee had given way while she was landing from a jump. Questioning revealed a previous injury had happened while playing netball 10 weeks previous.

A woman with autoimmune progesterone dermatitis Progesterone dermatitis is a distressing condition and requires management. Antihistamines and topical corticosteroid creams seldom control the condition. Case scenario Jude is 22 years old and for quite some time has been having regular monthly flares of an irritating dermatitis that erupts on her trunk and proximal limbs. She says that each outbreak begins at about the proper time she is in the center of her menstrual cycle, and just subsides when her next period arrives. Her skin becomes reddish and itchy, papules develop, which she frequently scrapes and infects, and she is remaining with residual scars. Could she end up being allergic to her personal progesterone? How should she end up being managed?