We expect to receive FDA approval.

These results provide further evidence that GATTEX could to be an important treatment option for patients from the debilitating condition of SBS be , we expect to receive FDA approval, said Francois Nader, president and chief executive officer of NPS Pharmaceuticals. GATTEX in the second half of this year as a first-in – class treatment for SBS file.

STEPS study designSTEPS was to develop an international, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase 3 trial to provide additional evidence of providing security and efficacy of GATTEX in reducing PS dependence in adult SBS patients.The American College of obstetrician and gynecologist shall enhance efforts to awareness about gynecologic cancer and participating in clinical studies increase a focus The focus at this year Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month of September.. Most up Gynecologic Cancer Patients Should Clinical Trial Consider for the estimated 83,000 women having with gynecological cancer the year 2013, participation has included in clinical trials which ability either that any future patients benefit from the most up – to-date ensure treatment and increased survival rate of and potentially improve health of the current patient.

That GCF Women’s Cancer Network site is a complete and an educational resource at gynecologic cancers. Girls can find out about clinical studies that are currently enrollment assumed a free 15-minute online risk assessment, to learn about their personal risk of development of Crab, and more. A tool kit developed in order community members will is set to of local awareness events also available.

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