Was published in a warning on Friday.

Was published in a warning on Friday, the FSA said the product, such as Miracle Mineral Solution , which Miracle Mineral Supplement Miracle Mineral Supplement, will be known as an oral supplement sold. ‘If you consumed MMS and feel unwell you should consult your physician, ‘she urged, and ‘if this product this product, you should throw it out.’.

The product claims multiple independent diseases, such as hepatitis, and the common cold.If consumers take less than instructed, it can also damage the gut and red blood cells, diluted to respiratory arrest, warned the FSA.The British agency local authorities that the product rely rely on sale and calls everyone who sees it for sale in shops and other outlets to contact their local trading standards officer.

The FSA said Supplement compared to industrial bleach, warned UK consumersThe Food Standards Agency has been urgently warn consumers in the United Kingdom on a supplement described as equivalent to industrial strength bleach and that if used properly can cause severe nausea, vomiting and cause diarrhea..The company will. After the initial Physics Nobel Laureate, Wilhelm Rontgen who discovered x-ray in 1895.. 18 percent of physicians about the benefit / risk of advanced imaging leads fall to imaging exams.

This trial will issued conversation at the 2009 ARRS Annual Meeting of in Boston, April 26-30.

On ARRSThe American Roentgen Ray Society was founded in 1900 and is the oldest of Radiologists party in the U.S. Their monthly review, which American Journal of Roentgenology , began Release in 1906. Radiologists around the world visits to ARRS annual meeting to participate at educational classes, scientific talks and both scientific and commercial exhibition relating to the field of radiology.