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Subsequent drug targets can selectively block the parasite's enzyme, leaving the patient's intact.. ASU scientists use X-ray laser beam to reveal 3-D structure of cathepsin B enzyme An international team of scientists, using the world's most powerful X-ray laser beam, has revealed the three dimensional structure of a key enzyme that allows the single-celled parasite that causes African trypanosomiasis in humans. With the elucidation of the 3D framework of the cathepsin B enzyme, you’ll be able to design new medications to inhibit the parasite that causes sleeping sickness, leaving the infected human unharmed. The extensive research team, including several ASU scientists, is certainly led by the German Electron Synchrotron scientist Henry Chapman from the guts of Free-Electron Laser Research , professor Christian Betzel from the University of Hamburg and Lars Redecke from the SIAS joint Junior Research Group at the Universities of Hamburg and L-beck.The community dialogue allowed Mississippians to provide feedback which will be included in a national technique to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Many asked for sex and STD education in the schools, more doctors and transportation funding in rural areas and medical health insurance’ . The Associated Press: ‘Activists and the health care companies cite a need for more federal and condition funding for outreach and drug assistance programs, along with transportation for patients who have to travel from small towns to get caution.’ The conference was with Jeffrey Crowley, director of the Light House Workplace of National AIDS Policy. Regarding to advocacy group the Southern AIDS Coalition, the ‘South leads the nation in the %age of AIDS-related deaths. However, the spot ranks last with regards to overall federal government dollars allocated to an HIV-infected person at $6,565 a full year, based on the coalition.’ Activists state the latest $2.2 billion Ryan White HIV/AIDS extension last month won’t provide enough money for the south to keep pace with new cases .