USAID will continue to offer some axtra guidance as needed.

‘It is important to note that the study included different acne treatment strategies and thus our study population represents a broad spectrum of patients in ‘ ‘seen by practicing dermatologists said John E. Member of the steering committee of the study and professor and chairman of of the dermatology department at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston.

The treatment was well tolerated, side effects reported in less than 6 percent of the subjects.

The HIV / AIDS Emergency Hurricane Relief Act, HR 4633 approved $ 500 million for a comprehensive, targeted response that includes: – Creating an HIV / AIDS Emergency Response Coordinator in the Department of Health and Human Services to guarantee responsible for the coordination between HHS agencies of the Public Health service and state and local governments, the medical care and treatment, including housing and supportive services;.. While a small %age of people by the hurricanes Katrina and Rita displaced people with AIDS are among the most vulnerable.USAID will continue to offer some axtra guidance as needed.dawn Show reports from people on the ground, to loss of life on will be significant.

Agency for International Development be the triggering of a DART , and also has its partners, the Fairfax County Urban Search and Rescue team of and that Los Angeles selected Search and Rescue Team, in response to said magnitude 7.0 earthquake that Haiti on 12 Jan. Taken.

The USAR team will be accompanied by USAID civil experts who have are helping with a assessments of the situation. – ‘This is a tragic situation, and together together with the Haitian government to send us immediately assistance into the rescue effort provide,’said USAID an administrator Rajiv Shah. ‘On behalf the American people, I would like give our sympathy, thoughts and prayers to to the people of Haiti who have affected by this devastating earthquake.