Two in five nursing home residents exhibited one or more of the four behaviors to be as aggressive

Two in five nursing home residents exhibited one or more of the four behaviors to be as aggressive. Resistance to help with personal care or medication was the most common behavior , whereas physical abuse, such as hitting, scratching or sexually abusing others was least likely . Some residents were also verbally abusive or were socially inappropriate behavior, such as screaming or rummaging other belongings . Need help need help and care provided by nursing homes, but our data shows that a significant number of people behaviors source of distress source of distress to demonstrate themselves, to other residents and staff, says Jean-Marie Berthelot,. Vice President, Programs, at CIHI As our population ages and more people live in this kind of setting, it to the factors that contribute to these behaviors. .

Three people with the Bexar area Harm Reduction Coalition were charged in February for possession of drug paraphernalia, and Abbott’s opinion allows prosecutors to move forward in the case . Texas is the only state nationwide that does not allow needle – exchange programs, according to the state Sen. Bob Deuell , which co-financed the original provision by McClendon. Deuell and McClendon both have said that they are planning the law in 2009 to introduce.

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