True mineral make-up possesses only five ingredients.

This makes it suitable for most types of epidermis. For acne prone epidermis, mineral makeup will not trigger blackheads. A small number of people may find that mineral make-up is not suitable for their skin and may trigger irritations. This attributed to the ingredient Bismuth oxychloride generally, however, several mineral cosmetic manufacturers usually do not include this as a component so the probability of reactions could be further reduced. Speaking Aesthetically, mineral makeup offers great coverage without clogging the skin pores.Consumers with queries can call 866-544-9721.. All newborn babies in South Australia are to get access to comprehensive hearing screening in the first few weeks of their lives All newborn babies in Southern Australia are to get access to comprehensive hearing testing in the first couple of weeks of their lives. Wellness Minister Lea Stevens says the scheduled program, which currently gets to about 35 percent of the 18,000 infants born in South Australia every year, will be extended to reach all newborns by the end of 2005. Ms Stevens says early screening is the important to allowing children with a hearing deficiency to properly develop speech and language. First, a midwife bears out the original hearing screening as part of regular postnatal testing immediately after birth.