To prove the effectiveness of which model.

To prove the effectiveness of which model, its creators have taken a monitoring tool , analyzes the images of a developed. Real setting to do this, the team members placed a video camera in the vicinity of their workplace, the Higher School of Information Technology in Ciudad Real. – In this way we are abnormal in a position to identify all driver and pedestrian behavior, which means the program could be used to such behavior is punished, says David Vallejo.

David Vallejo, Javier Albusac, Jim nez Luis, Carlos Gonz lez Juan Moreno y ? A cognitive surveillance system for detecting incorrect traffic behaviors, Expert Systems with Applications 36 10 septiembre de 2009.. The trial on a pedestrian crossing in a two-way street, controlled by a traffic light focusing. The authors defined ‘normal’behavior of vehicles and pedestrians in this setting, in which they move, green green, may, the team memberst stop and not on the safety lines when the lights are on red. – to a human in a similar way to a human monitor, can detect whether the vehicles and pedestrians move to ‘normal.’If at any time any of the movements related to these ‘objects ‘is not ‘normal ‘, the program recognizes that determined the behavior of the normal framework differs.

The researchers continue their work to fine tune the system, and believe that it will be possible to use it in the future in other situations, for example in analyzing behavior within indoor environments , or in the detection of overcrowding.

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