This test is used to find small amounts of hidden blood in the stool medication.

This test is used to find small amounts of hidden blood in the stool. A sample of stool is tested for traces of blood. People with this test will receive a kit with instructions on how explain to fecal samples to take home medication . The kit is then sent to a lab for testing. If the test is positive, further tests will be done, be to locate the exact cause of the bleeding. A rectal exam in the doctor’s office can investigate occult blood, but this is not considered sufficient for colorectal cancer screening. The test should be performed with a take-home kit.

– If polyps are found, the patient for a complete colonoscopy return – colonoscopy:colonoscopy allows a complete evaluation of the colon and removal of potentially precancerous polyps. It is the only cancer screening tool diagnostic and therapeutic diagnostic and therapeutic. A complete bowel cleansing prior to exam. The method uses a colonoscope, a thin, flexible tube with a light and a video camera on the end, images on a images on a TV screen, the physician may be within the whole intestine transmit. If a polyp is found, them it immediately. The polyp with small with small biopsy forceps or wire loop , which is advanced within a channel in the colonoscope. The polyp is then subjected to a laboratory, where a doctor called pathologist sees under a microscope for analysis. If nothing else looks abnormal, a biopsy could be done. Colonoscopy is biopsy forceps are placed colonoscope and a small piece of tissue is removed. The fabric is laboratory laboratory for evaluation. Colonoscopy is usually performed with sedation and was well tolerated. It is the medicine through a vein through a vein in order to be added to relaxed and sleepy.

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