This decisionnt at the decision of advanced therapies Rapporteur negotiations between EU Parliament.

This decisionnt at the decision of advanced therapies Rapporteur negotiations between EU Parliament, Council and Commission endEURORDIS, the organization that at the EU level , the interests of rare disease patients concerned Miroslav Mikolasik – annul the negotiations between the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission will be by the by the decision of the rapporteur on advanced therapies. This decision – based on personal religious convictions – showing suffer contempt for European dying die from a terminal illness and who are eagerly waiting for innovative, safe and effective therapies..

People are asked to to call 1-800 – Go 933 – BLOOD or for immediate donations and drives in New York City, Long Iceland, the plan for the Hudson Valley and New Jersey. Donors can at a local hospital to a local hospital, if it has a donor room.. Not only are the implications of this further delay very worrying to European patients, but the maneuver behind it is completely unacceptable in a democratic Europe: try a handful of MPs to delay the adoption of the regulation because of their personal beliefs and regardless of public health considerations and the interests of European patients.They inform teach your children to inform them and hope to they for savvy consumer that eat healthy and are deliberately. You can do all, and I guarantee it are many days unhealthy, chemical and / or glucose to be operated overindulgence. And when this happens , you have to shrug and move on. Because in the end the day, there’s no such anything like perfect .

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