The study surveyed researchers from Johns Hopkins University of Baltimore.

The study surveyed researchers from Johns Hopkins University of Baltimore, 553 Hispanics, 204 of them did not have diabetes, and Thirty-six Thirty-six % of newly diagnosed diabetics the disease did link to increased risk for eye disease, compared with 52 percent of those who had been diagnosed with the condition for more than a year. Only 30 percent of participants had received an eye exam in the last year, which could, potential problems have been identified.

The center of the labs are located next examination and treatment rooms, which reduce to walk through the hospital, doctor’s offices and scheduling area. A separate pharmacy was waiting built in the middle of the plant, which has been reduced by up to two hours. The hospital installed blond wood floors, a waterfall, a meditation room and an Internet cafe, everything is supposed to facilitate stress for the patient. The center of the 5,000 employees are encouraged to ideas and ‘mistakes as learning opportunities are embraced,’the Post reported, have the changes cause a few top executives leave the hospital leave the hospital, and the cost of sending teams of doctors in Japan and recruitment consultants was about $ 1.5 million.The results showed that Hispanic people with diabetes about 0.5 % of higher level on an test that measuring blood sugar control, are referred A1C test as a non-Hispanic white patient. The researchers found the consistency these findings in the trials.