The study found that women with migraine with aura whose migraine occur at least once a week.

Women with migraine with aura, migraine with less than once a month were more than twice as likely to have a heart attack and almost twice as likely to to have heart procedure such as coronary bypass surgery or angioplasty. In contrast, the migraine with aura migraine with aura once a month, is no increased risk for stroke or heart problems. Heart disease. Results should be interpreted with caution because the number of migraine and migraine features were reported themselves and there were relatively low numbers of strokes and heart problems in the large study group,’said study author and a member of the American Academy Tobias Kurth of Neurology, of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School and INSERM, the French national research Institute.

The Women’s Health Study involved 27,798 U.S. Female health professionals aged 45 years and older. The women had no cardiac or cerebrovascular problems at baseline and were followed for about 12 years. During this period, 706 women were 2.5 % of the group or cerebrovascular events, including 305 heart attacks and 310 strokes. In addition, 655 women had heart procedures such as bypass surgery. – Of the promoting the highesth migraine at the start of the study, 75 % of migraine less than once a month, once a month had 20 per cent, and 5 % had migraines at least once a week. Total 1428 had migraine with aura.Hao Chen, Zheng Ouyang and R. Derivative) Cooksheating system organic salts, ionic liquids, metal or transition metal salt at atmospheric pressure releases intact ions in the vapor phase with high efficiency. Can enhance sound and vapor phase template ionization of yields. The atmospheric pressure ion / molecule reactions can occur where when the sublimated generate create a heterogeneous phase response, reaction pyryrlium ions with solid phase lysine HAS bispyridinium derivative) with vapors a neutral reagent , or to another face. Thermal ionization also extends to neutral connections that be ionised and then sublimation intact imply proton transfer at atmospheric pressure.

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