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The with half a million with half a million genetic markers, called SNP markers evenly over uniformly over the entire genome. Two teams of researchers from Uppsala University, Ann-Christine Syv? Nen and Lars R? Nnblom the group at the Department of Medical Sciences, were part of the group behind the study, which included scientists from the U.S. The study 800 Swedish SLE patients was performed by rheumatology clinics Akademiska Hospital in Uppsala, Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, and the University Hospitals in Ume? and Lund.

The genetic analyzes of the Swedish patients in in SNP genotyping laboratory Akademiska University Hospital in Uppsala. It was only in 2007 possible, genetic analysis on a scale , leading the entire genome, thanks to extremely rapid technological development. – The advantage of genetic studies across the entire genome is that they unconditionally identify all genetic risk contribute to genetic risk for SLE, said Ann-Christine Syv NEN?

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