The simple to use assays measure oxygen intake of isolated mitochondria.

AMSBIO signs strategic advertising agreement with Luxcel Biosciences AMSBIO offers signed a strategic advertising contract with Luxcel Biosciences to distribute their range of 96 – and 384-good phosphorescence and fluorescence based assays. The simple to use assays measure oxygen intake of isolated mitochondria, cell populations, small organisms, tissues and enzymes online pharmacy . The assay detects changes in extracellular pH due to the acid extrusion of either adherent or suspension cells. This allows convenient plate based evaluation of glycolytic flux and may be utilized to monitor alterations in glucose metabolism also to confirm mitochondrial dysfunction. Alex Sim, President of AMSBIO commented We are pleased to add the Luxcelrange to your product portfolio as they compliment our innovative 3D cell culture products and extensive suite of cell structured assays for proliferation, migration and invasion.

Furthermore, adding ANSTO to your existing network of world-wide distribution companions closes an important geographical gap . Mr Doug Cubbin, Head of ANSTO’s Business Development and Commercialisation said That is a great chance of ANSTO and the Asia Pacific region as it will accelerate the option of locally created Lu-177 within the spot and the collaboration between ANSTO and ITG will underpin the future supply of an important radioisotope .. ANSTO, ITG partner to distribute radioisotopes ITG Isotope Systems Garching GmbH , an expert in the development and creation of innovative radioisotopes, and Sydney-structured, Australian Nuclear Research and Technology Organisation have agreed on a broad, long-term collaboration on radioisotopes.