The results showed:After a median follow-up of 14.

Risk risk of developing ovarian cancer in the IVF group with risks in the general population and the non – IVF comparison group.The results showed:After a median follow-up of 14.7 years the risk of borderline ovarian tumors was higher (in the IVF group than in the general population incidence ratio, with sufficient confidence interval CI from 1.16 to 2.

May increase for IVF the risk of ovarian tumors, particularly borderline ovarian tumors .. But even if these relative risks alarming and big sound, women concerned should be aware that in absolute terms, they are very small indeed, and this is only a preliminary study. The researchers concluded that further studies with larger numbers of participants are now needed to further investigate this.

Not, however, even though the treatment has been around for three decades, we do not know whether and to what extent , hormonal stimulation can developing ovarian developing ovarian cancer.

, after similar adjustments borderline risk of cancers of ovarian tumors also significantly more than 2 times higher in the IVF group than the comparison group of similarly sub-fertile women do not undergo IVF has (HR 2, conclude 95 percent CI 1, the authors found that: – Ovarian stimulation.Into chondrocytes New Vitamin D Contractors In order to using Body style Bones.

A lack of vitamin D in to diet caused several bone diseases, including the rickets and osteoporosis. This is because, through the binding Vitamin D receptor , controls the quantity of of vitamin D and calcium phosphates in our body. Is assumed that these effects are of vitamins D of VDR in the gut and kidney are taught. However, the VDR is well expressed carried cells in bone known as a chondrocytes, it their impact on this cell type are not yet described..

The study defined, ie a role for chondrocytes the evolution of the bone. AUTHOR free Contact:Geert Cameliet Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium.###JCI table of contents: November 9.. Now, in a study that Added on the November at November in advance of the publication in December printed edition of the Journal of Clinical Investigation, Geert Carmeliet and colleagues from Catholic University of Louvain, Austria Belgium came, showed that VDR expression necessary by chondrocytes to normal bone development in young mouse.