The results appeared recently in an online version of the journal Clinical Orthopedics.

In the study, scapula is scraped off and with a plastic bracket, while the ball at the top of of the humerus is replaced in the arm with a metallic implant.. The results appeared recently in an online version of the journal Clinical Orthopedics.After nationwide 2003 Medicare figures 6,700 people had shoulder joints replaced this year, compared to 106,887 hip replacements and 199,195 knee replacements.Shoulder arthroplasty consists of placement of a metal and plastic artificial joint similar to the ball-and-socket construction used to substitute for hip and knee joints.

Off’Shoulder Surgery MythContrary to popular belief, total surgical replacement of arthritic shoulder joints carries no greater risk of complications than replacement of other major joints, suggests a Johns Hopkins study. Expected Indeed, the Johns Hopkins researchers say their study shows that patients who undergo shoulder arthroplasty to relieve chronic and severe pain can significantly fewer complications, much shorter hospital stays and lower costs than patients undergoing hip or knee replacement – .Stock both over the counter well as prescription, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in medicine in medicine cabinets and many years are purposes only. However, these medications can be associated with 103,000 hospital admissions and 16,500 deaths each year in the United States due to the gastrointestinal adverse reactions, such as bleeding.

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