The researchers.

‘ Masimo CEO and Founder, Joe Kiani, mentioned, ‘Arrowhead Regional Medical Center joins a growing set of the world’s most demanding hospitals standardizing to Masimo rainbow as their universal oximetry solution.’.. The researchers, led by Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator Richard P. Lifton, who is at Yale University College of Medicine, october 22 published their findings, 2004, in Technology Express, an online element of the journal Research. Gerald I. Shulman, another HHMI investigator at the Yale School of Medicine, was also an writer on the paper. The researchers are hopeful their discovery could help unravel the complicated genetic and environmental factors that cause a range of metabolic disorders.The BioCel system can be customised particularly to ETC’s requirements, linking the instruments to ETC’s laboratory information administration system so that the BioCel database and sample inventory are synchronised and up to date. The new platform will boost ongoing drug discovery tasks at the Singapore Screening Center, including a collaboration with Duke University and the National University of Singapore Graduate Medical College to screen for novel gastric malignancy medications; and another with DSO National Laboratories and A*STAR’s Genome Institute of Singapore to find anti-bacterial drugs using a novel whole animal-screening system.