The new device quickly replaced the liquids in the channel without damaging the cells.

In the leukemia study the researchers treated the cells with an antibiotic called staurosporine, then measured their density is less than an hour later. Even in that short time, a change in density was already apparent. Treated leukemia cells increased their density by only about 1 %, a change that will be difficult detect without a highly sensitive device like this would. Due to this rapid response and sensitivity, this method could be a good opportunity anticancer anticancer screen. It was really easy, due to the density measurement to cells that had responded to the drug to identify if we had looked at the mass alone, or the volume alone, we’d never seen that have an impact, says Bryan.

A cell buoyant mass depends upon its total mass and volume, by measuring two different masses buoyant for a cell, its mass, volume and density can be calculated.

###Co-authors include Joshua I. Greenberg, David J. Shields, Samuel G. Barillas, Lisette M. Acevedo, Eric Murphy, Jianhua Huang, Lea Scheppke, Christian Stockmann, and Niren Angle,all a cell?Found more than 2,000 years after Archimedes, one way to determine the density of a royal crown by measuring its mass in two different fluids MIT used used the same principle to solve an equally vexing puzzle – how the has a density measure of Single cell. – The density is such a basic, fundamental property of all, says William Grover, a researcher in MIT’s Department of Biological Engineering.In the United States only caused involuntary exposure to ETS account on of thousands of cases the respiratory, cardio and cancer deaths each year.

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