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Safe Harbor StatementThe statements in this press not not purely forward-looking statements forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements in this press release include statements about: the commercialization of anti-cancer immunotherapies and the company’s efforts to develop treatments that boost the immune system of cancer patients through the use of IgG-based therapy. Actual results and the Company’s actual results may differ materially from those in such forward in such forward-looking statements.

Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of stage IIB to IV metastatic melanoma stage. For further information about GammaCan, visit.. In a series of human melanoma model experiments with SCID mice , and the A375 human melanoma cell line, the company shows that vitiligo can prevent native IgG preparations, in a statistically significant manner, the growth of subcutaneous melanomas . In these experiments, IgG preparations were vitiligo vitiligo a variety of other a variety of other IgG preparations compared and saline compared. These experiments also show that IgG preparations from vitiligo donors derived also obtained in a way, a highly statistically significant reduction in tumor size of small tumors. Steven Katz, Chief Executive Officer and President of GammaCan said, ‘Our data are very encouraging as they show, for the first time in human melanoma models, anti-melanoma activity of IgG preparations from vitiligo donors Katz.Graeme Semple, Vice President of Discovery Chemistry on Arena Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, California, describe new insights into develop of drugs raising HDL on the same mechanism as niacin a report for the 233rd national session introduced American Chemical Society, holding here last week.

To high doses prescribed by a physician, niacin can increasing HDL of up to 35 % of and the planes of triglycerides clog arteries by 50 %.

Physicians known to in the 1970s, receptors by of cardiac infarction and stroke , but it has not been as widely prescribed as an newer and more expensive drugs such as statins. – The use of niacin through its side effects, including a very uncomfortable rash, that is a considerable contribution a poor compliance of patients restricted, described Semple. Since the currently marketed cholesterol drugs who more modest HDL – increase activity a niacin, more HDL – of targeted therapies having improved activity could stand have additional clinical benefits for patients and possibly a risk of heart attacks and strokes.