The high prevalence of HIV / AIDS in Transnistria potency drink.

The high prevalence of HIV / AIDS in Transnistria, which is four times that Moldova is the fact that the region was excluded for many years by the international assistance to deal with and attributed to combat the disease potency drink . MSF program was set two years ago, much to the needs of HIV-positive population.

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In previous work, the found that discovered that in a group of enzymes, cyclical nucleotide phosphodiesterases, of one of the phosphodiesterases, PDE7B been 10 times higher in CLL patients a in healthy individuals. PDE7B controls the levels in cyclic AMP , a molecule comprising can promote programmed cell death, a process that is is deficient in CLL. While most cancer has out time-of-control cellular growth, CLL are characterized by an overabundance of white blood cell count, the non to die if they were. High concentration of PDE7B mean fewer cAMP and consequently less cell death. – The question was, was the standard of PDE7B expressed provide indication of the clinically and diagnosis for each patient? Island said. It divided the results as high levels of a high degree of PDE7B and those who had low levels. We have determined that people was real a high worse disease and indicated that PDE7B expressed did predictive value of relative to other currently available marker for severity of the condition and progression, Insel said. In some cases, where. The amount of the term PDE7B prognosis additive to existing additive to existing markers .

Island told imply its research up to date in that PDE7B had a part in forecast and might also his a good drug goal some of the part of the biological of the disease. ‘The more of that enzyme a patient, the worse the result,’he said. ‘This means that if we are was of this enzyme this enzyme, to increase the cAMP and also promote apoptotic can be develop – that is really the heart of the underlying pathology. ‘.