The first group will receive support for up to three years potencies.

The first group will receive support for up to three years. Within that time frame each member to to be successfully competing NIH R01 – type research potencies . Once financed externally, they will turn the grant funding in order the inclusion of new the addition of new junior faculty, and the Centre has firm commitments from Chairs / Center Directors, which new new capability. Over five years, the grant will support 10-15 independent researchers. Another important feature is to create three new core science, to for the organization of for the design of the research lecturers. Molecular profiling and recombination and high-resolution imaging together with the Administrative core one, it is assist cores transgenesis, gene targeting, and genotyping . In summary, called the combination of young researchers, emailing research environment to ensure new nuclear facilities and major institutional commitment that the proposed center is to promote the development of a thematic, multidisciplinary research effort, the ability of new investigators independently compete NIH and other extramural support and strengthen the overall research infrastructure KUMC.

University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KSmolecular regulation of cell development and differentiationGrant No. 1 P20 RR024214-01 Award: $ 10,352Principal Investigator Dale R. Abrahamson, e-mail:Summary :five years of funding were asked to a Center of Biomedical Research Excellence at the University of Kansas Medical Center develop with an emphasis on the molecular regulation of cell development and differentiation. Five new faculty interested interested in this research aim goal of helping them financed, independent investigators selected. A Principal Investigator , two co – PIs, an internal Advisory Committee , a group of faculty mentoring, and an external advisory council were investigators investigators in order to achieve this objective. The center is also designed to improve the infrastructure and research environment KUMC. The expected outcome of the program will be more productive in research as in joint publications funded R01 grants, and the program project and research grants on a developmental biology based topic resist. A mentor is assigned for each first junior faculty member, and individual support and schedules were developed. Key characteristics of mentoring plans include ongoing critical evaluation of research projects by mentors and IAC, high resolution imaging conferences with EAC members, and special training in statistics and manuscript and grant writing workshops.

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