The findings were published in a recent issue of the scientific journal PNAS.

The observation helps to explain how bunyaviruses infect their host cells.. The findings were published in a recent issue of the scientific journal PNAS.The researchers solved the three-dimensional structure of the virus particle only only 0.0001 mm in diameter, using electron tomography and computational methods. The newly determined virus structure also serves as a model for other bunyaviruses. Recent studies surprisingly revealed membrane proteins, such as protruding peaks of the modified viral surface Uukuniemi their form in an acidic environment. This phenomenon resembles the mechanism, and influenza type dengue viruses their host cells.

The Uukuniemi Virus is the first bunyavirus whose structure researchers have been able to determine. Together with more detailed studies of the viral membrane proteins, can knowledge of the virus Uukuniemi a basis for the development of drugs for the treatment of diseases such as bunyavirus hemorrhagic fever and encephalitis.. was exploring the new commitments announced today are important give a clear indication that the government of the value of the research to improve the health and economy recognizes recognizes UK Medical Research Council, as part of the wider research community of Research Councils UK, looks forward to the implementation of these principles.What HVP?Hydrolysed vegetable protein savory is used by food manufacturers to improve the taste. Is will be chemical cancel proteins into amino acids to the boil to corn, wheat and / or soybean with hydrochloric acid amino acids the amino acid, then neutralized using sodium carbonate or sodium hydroxide. This results in a mixture of amino acids from which may moreover mono sodium glutamate his.

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