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This puts them vulnerable to heart disease, stroke and kidney disease even. Moreover, this problem is costing the country 93.5 billion dollars in health care services. Putting too much faith in the medical establishment to find a remedy for your high blood pressure may no longer be advisable in the least. The quantity of prescription drugs out there and the cascade of variations suggest that a remedy for blood pressure is not planned anytime soon. Despite all of the consequences associated with high blood pressure, it really is still a condition that is preventable and quickly managed. Observing a healthy balanced diet plan and enjoying a dynamic, healthy lifestyle might help avoid the risk of high blood circulation pressure and also reduce one that has already been elevated.‘The Accenture LIFE INSURANCE COVERAGE Platform provides Allianz Lifestyle with a more modern, flexible operating system that positions us to meet our future product development and customer service needs,’ stated Jasmine Jirele, senior vice president enterprise functions at Allianz Lifestyle. ‘As the marketplace moves, our items must modification with it. The machine embeds industry guidelines and helps us stay in front of the marketplace.’ Used by more than 40 leading insurers worldwide, the Accenture LIFE INSURANCE COVERAGE Platform is definitely a configurable and scalable software program suite that offers life insurance and annuity carriers of all sizes solutions for product development, new business, underwriting, policy administration and payout.