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The geographic location of research participants and their proximity to a research center is no longer a limiting aspect with a web-based strategy, providing an even bigger pool of potential research participants. Ultimately, web-based data collection, parallel analysis of hundreds of traits and diseases, and highly automated genotyping result in low cost research. 23andMe’s more than 60,000 customers are invited to take part in a range of studies regularly; eligible and consenting customers will be invited to become listed on this scholarly research during 2011. The task described is supported by Award Amount 1R43HG005807-01 from the National Human Genome Analysis Institute.We tend to face frustration and other detrimental emotions such as fear, anxiety, major depression, etc. Frequently. Our surrounding makes us unhappy and we lead a miserable life. If you look around you, many people you shall find, who are happy regardless of facing pretty much worse situation like you. Or, you might find many people, who have various kinds of obstacles within their life, however they are happy. They are gradually growing by their status. Therefore, in case you are facing any trouble because of some wrong thoughts in your day to day life, then you should consult a professional in neuro-scientific mental health. Whenever we face problems inside our daily life due to mental tension or we tend to face similar types of thoughts throughout the day or night, we ought to take positive methods for overcoming such mental disorder.