The authors examined national surveys of American families for the years 1997.

The authors conclude that the states that are able and higher payment rates higher payment rates are set to their their Medicaid beneficiaries and to increase its attractiveness to prospective employees. However, given the limited impact of the prices for the access and use modest pay cuts may also be an option, is not adversely affected when users to tighten budgets. Five to ten % reduced by five to ten % without serious, negative results. ‘In all cases where we detected significant payment effects, we found that higher rates of access and use for Medicaid beneficiaries improve ‘the authors say.. The authors examined national surveys of American families for the years 1997, But given the and the Urban Institute Medicaid capitation rate surveys.

The authors found that higher payments improve the likelihood of adult recipients with at least one doctor / doctor visit in a year, but. No influence on the use of the emergency room or dentist Lead in the adult population, higher payments also lead to increased beneficiary satisfaction and better communication between doctors and patients. There were no effect on the preventive care or medical attention in children. the limited impact of Medicaid rates on beneficiary access and use suggests that modest pay cuts could be an appropriate policy option when get government of tight budgets, co-author Stephen Zuckerman explains.

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