Surgery to treat acid reflux disorder.

The study is released in the October issue of the Archives of Medical procedures.. Acid reflux disease – medical operation has longterm success rate According to a study published this week, surgery to treat acid reflux disorder, the most severe form of acid reflux, has shown a higher degree of long-term achievement. The surgery, a laparoscopic procedure, in which a small tube is inserted in to the abdomen, was carried out on a combined group of 1,340 people, and 93 % have declared they are content with the long-term results. Related StoriesTWi indicators Settlement Agreement with Takeda on patent litigation related to generic DexilantDDW 2015: Experts explore efficacy of Stretta therapy for treating chronic GERD patientsIncidence of esophageal tumor linked to GERD rises six-fold in latest decadesAcid reflux disease happens when gastric acid moves into the esophagus after a muscular valve designed to prevent such leakage opens up.28, 2015 – – Experiencing high degrees of mental tension at any point in life – – even if only in childhood – – may raise the risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke or diabetes in adulthood, a new study suggests. ‘The most striking and perhaps sobering finding in our study is that high levels of childhood distress predicted heightened adult disease risk, even when there is no evidence that these high levels of distress persisted into adulthood,’ said study writer Ashley Winning, a postdoctoral analysis fellow in the Harvard T.H. Chan College of Public Health in Boston. ‘Greater attention should be paid to psychological distress in childhood,’ Winning stated.