Source: Queens University.

Source: Queen’s University,Change ‘High Fructose Corn Syrup ‘To name ‘Corn Sugar ‘demands Industry Regulatorshigh fructose corn syrup consumption is at a 20 – year low. The Corn Refiners Association wants to change the names on the labels with the term ‘corn sugar ‘. Sometimes, a product can rename its revenue. ‘ ‘canola oil ‘replaces ‘low eurcic acid rapeseed oil ‘revenues increased, as well as the sales of ‘plums ‘if their name to ‘dried plums ‘changed.

The research also recommends that specific strategies are used to improve older people ‘s motivation and willingness to change eating behavior. Katherine Appleton and her co – researcher Dr Jayne Woodside, its findings and recommendations of the research in a research starting at the Institute of Governance, Queen’s University on Wednesday, present 00 clock.

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