Sound Q&A on Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Dubinsky discusses the unique challenges faced by teenagers and children with IBD, answers common queries, such as Will my kid outgrow IBD? , and provides tips for parents to greatly help their child thrive despite the disease. Dr. Dubinsky also provides insight on the psychological aspects of IBD for kids and teens, as well as growth, body and development image concerns. IBD is a challenging disease that requires life-long administration. As a result, individuals and their doctors are continuously striving to provide the most efficient and up-to-date treatment solution based on the latest scientific advances and professional medical insight, said Philip O. Katz, MD, FACG, president of the American University of Gastroenterology.The scholarly study was approved by the ethics review board of the Helsinki University Central Hospital. Samples with patient identity details were collected after created informed consent was obtained . Whole-Genome Sequencing and Gene-Expression Profiling Genomic DNA libraries were prepared and sequenced according to Illumina and Full Genomics paired-end sequencing protocols. We performed a genomewide analysis of most tumors for somatic structural variants, copy-number alterations, point mutations, and insertions or deletions .