Seasonal Melatonin Levels Might Affect MS Flare-Ups.

Dr. R. Glenn Smith, a neurologist at Houston Methodist Medical center in Texas, called the new study ‘surprising and possibly exciting, but there’s lots of research that’s gone forward during the past that’s led to this.’ ‘It can describe [how] melatonin seems to be having a significant regulatory role in the overall health and responsiveness of the disease fighting capability,’ Smith said. ‘These changes and how they affect the immune system are going to be important even more than just for MS.’ Clinical trials testing the idea further in individuals are in the look stages, Quintana said.‘BARDA serves a critical leadership function in the global effort to fight bacterial biothreats and multi-drug resistance at a time when commercial expenditure is certainly insufficient to meet the problems we are facing. We look forward to dealing with BARDA and adding to global efforts to combat bacterial biothreats and bacterial level of resistance as we continue the development of ACHN-490.’ With this award, Achaogen offers secured significant, non-dilutive financing for most of its ongoing medication discovery and development programs. In aggregate, upon effective completion of its existing government contracts, Achaogen could have received more than $150 million in non-dilutive funding..