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Rosenfeld, an associate professor of sociology at Stanford University and the lead author of the scholarly study, ‘Interacting with Online: The Rise of the web as a Sociable Intermediary.’ Based on the study, 82.2 % of participants who had Internet access at home also had a spouse or romantic partner, compared to a 62.8-% partnership rate for adults who did not have Internet access. The paper uses data from Wave I of the How Couples Meet and Stay Collectively survey, a nationally representative survey of 4,002 adults, of whom 3,009 had a spouse or passionate partner.Additional items are in the advancement pipeline for release in early 2010.D., CEO at Akonni Biosystems. Understanding the glutamine supplements one has to investigate as to what precisely this is, and in short it is the most occurring non necessary amino acid within our body naturally. The function of this amino acid offers been linked to several important metabolic functions within the physical body, which makes the use of glutamine supplements expand beyond that of the body builder, in that it not merely serves as a way to obtain energy for different cells within the physical body, but also serves as a regulator of nitric oxide synthesis, in addition to serving as a transport automobile of ammonia to the liver, where it is metabolized to urea.