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Reference: Kim HK, Yang TH, antifibrotic effects of green tea on the in vitro and in vivo models of liver fibrosis.there is no pointr is a new look at lifemen who have prostate cancer often feel perfectly healthy, but the diagnosis still gives them a whole new outlook on life. With learned to live with their disease, they focus on valuable relationships and appreciate the little things in life to choose, is a thesis from the Sahlgrenska Academy men last longer . We need a better understanding of how men with prostate cancer experience their illness and how they adapt to the new situation, choose says district nurse Annikki Jonsson, who interviewed 37 men with prostate cancer for her thesis. We can and adapt their better support and adjust their treatment to the stage they are .

The results showed GT administration prevents the development of liver fibrosis in the rat model of DMN-induced liver fibrosis. These results have been confirmed both by histology and by quantitative measurement of the hydroxyproline content of the liver, a marker of hepatic collagen deposition. Treatment. Inhibition of proliferation, reduced collagen deposition and type 1 collagen expression was observed in activated HSC-T6 cells of GT treatment. These results imply that GT reduced the proliferation of activated HSC and down regulates collagen content and the expression of collagen type 1, thereby improving the hepatic fibrosis.

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