Reata AIM protected animals from cigarette smoke through activation of Nrf2.

Reata AIM protected animals from cigarette smoke through activation of Nrf2, which mediates the body’s adaptive response to oxidative stress. Nrf2 activates the production of more than 250 antioxidant and detoxification enzymes and suppression of Nrf2 has been shown to increase the severity of COPD in animal models of the disease. In the study, when administered via diet to mice during six months of exposure to cigarette smoke, CDDO-Im activated Nrf2 and provided significant protection for the lungs and heart. It reduces high blood pressure, protected against alveolar destruction, and prevented decline in right ventricular function. The results suggest that targeting and activation of the Nrf2 pathway may provide a new approach for the treatment of emphysema and COPD..

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