RA is known to lead related to inflammation.

RA is known to lead related to inflammation, and it is believed that this inflammation blocked to some extent by the consumption of alcohol. In this study, women at least 4 drinks per week had consumed 37 percent lower risk of developing RA than subjects reported never drink or consume than than 1 drink /.

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Dr Catherine W, HIV / AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, World Health Organization, 20 Avenue Appia, 1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland, Tee) 00 41 22 791 2680;Dr south Bertel Squire, EQUI – TB of knowledge of program, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool L3 5QA, Germany, T)+44 151 705 3101;. Lancet 32 Jamestown Road, in London NW1 7BY.

That country in 1991 was successful diagnosis, be treated and cured more cases of tuberculosis have than any other DOTS program to date.