Prostate cancer or bone metastases at the time of death.

In addition, 5 % of all cancers in skin cancer lead as well. Based on these numbers determine conservative estimates that up to 500,000 of these new cancer cases alone suffer from metastases in bone and soft tissues. Cryotherapy is a good option for a large – but perhaps under – recognized – problem that could deliver a quantum leap effects. That is, the original cancer tumor site nor cause cancer management problems even after a generally good response to chemotherapy and / or radiation, said Littrup. ‘Metastatic tumors can in the body in the body and often can not receive, additional radiation therapy or would be difficult or very morbid to be controlled with surgery,’said Littrup. ‘Cryotherapy was able to improve the quality of life through good local treatment with minimal side effects to preserve, However advanced stage of cancer, where further treatment is unlikely to provide a systemic cure, ‘he added.

Cryotherapy treatment in this study, the researchers used several needle-like cryoprobes, study is through the skin extremely cold gas were a tumor a tumor. This technique is used. Many years by surgeons in the operating room, but in recent years , the needles have become small enough to be used by interventional radiologists through a small incision in the skin, without the need for surgery The ‘ice ball ‘that is applied around the needle grows in size and destroys the frozen tumor cells. Surgeons and radiation oncologists have long tried to provide at least a 1 – centimer margin of treatment with cancer, and it was important to ensure a similar ‘surgical margin ‘of lethal temperatures beyond all tumor margins by cryotherapy in this study, said Littrup.1 senators is fighting for Polls, two sides is does not fulfill Grassley in.

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Vice versa in ovarian and gastric cancer.

The these authors set out the level of the test whether the level of HtrA1 term could be the response to chemotherapy in patients with forecast ovary or stomach cancer cisplatin-based chemotherapy. To authors found mail: with ovarian cancer or stomach, which has a higher HtrA1 revealed a better response to chemotherapy in comparison to those of lower HtrA1 expression. The study shows a new way to the HtrA1 gives ability of chemotherapeutic agents to kill cancer cells, and suggested that the loss of HtrA1 in ovarian and gastric cancer, can be contribute to the development of resistance to chemotherapy alone.