AMCP, for example, spent some time working with pharmacy stakeholders to build up e-prescribing standards and continues to work closely with industry to greatly help improve pharmacists’ capability to offer medication therapy management through the use of standardized coding. AMCP also is particularly pleased with the pharmacy’s prominent role in the functioning office of the National Coordinator for Health IT draft Interoperability Roadmap for 2015-2025. The roadmap recognizes pharmacists as providers of health care services, something that will be specifically important as increasingly more Americans gain health coverage and seek care through managed applications. Electronic wellness record systems must acknowledge pharmacists as meaningful users of the technology..‘General, our analysis shows that fundamental revisions of current regulatory procedures and pesticide application procedures are needed to reverse the global environmental impacts of agrochemical-based high-strength agriculture,’ they wrote. .

Acacia Pharma reports excellent results from APD403 Stage 2 study in CINV – Major Endpoint of Preventing Delayed CINV Met With High Significance Acacia Pharma Ltd , a specialty pharmaceutical organization developing supportive care products for post-surgical and malignancy patients in the US and international marketplaces, announces positive results from its Phase 2 study of APD403 in preventing chemotherapy-induced nausea & vomiting . CINV occurs in around 70 percent of most cancer patients getting chemotherapy and in 90 percent of those receiving extremely emetogenic chemotherapy .