Pharmacist Ron Levin.

The Red Bodyguard and you’ll never turn a tomato back – especially not in this year’s British Tomato Week. So what ‘s so good about tomatoes – ? They are:.. Pharmacist Ron Levin, who spent most of his career with the latest medical research enterprise, and science journalist Gerard Cheshire, presenting the Red Bodyguard, a clever blend of fascinating popular science and practical medical advice explain., why and how cooked tomatoes offer a much higher chance of good or better health, especially in the age group 40 years and over, and why or processed tomatoes are the best tomatoes of all.

Bisphenol A is one of the most commonly made chemicals produced annually in the world, with more than three million tonnes , it is a component of polycarbonate plastic and is available in a variety of common found materials and food packaging because of its estrogenic properties and the effects of the chemical on the reproductive organs of animals, there are concerns bisphenol A may have similar negative effects on people.

Everybody knows that we eat five servings of fruits and vegetables every day, but these A fruit A fruit, in particular, the focus of increasing research attention.? It is delicious, inexpensive and convenient free of side effects – the humble tomato..Royal. Society Research professors offers long-term support to world-class scientists for outstanding achievements and promise Cambridge where he to focus on the research and cooperation. In 1963 in 1963 into existence, and did support to five Nobel laureates and winners of of the Fields Medal into mathematical. It currently supports in total 17 research at UK universities and research institutes.

Are the Royal Society in Summer Science Exhibition will be held from Monday – Thursday, July 2007. For further information and a full list of exhibits.

Prof. Richard Ellis has move in the Department of astrophysics from the University from Oxfordshire from his current base in the Californian Institute of Technology. It will be promoting their Forschungsprofessur its work on of observational cosmology, topics such as the formation and evolution of galaxy and the way and distribution of dark matter..