Pain Treatment Topics and the associated Pain Topics blue pill.

Pain Treatment Topics and the associated Pain Topics blue pill .org website provide open and free access to noncommercial, evidence-based clinical news, information, research and education on the causes and effective treatment of the many types of pain it is independent. Produced and currently supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Covidien / Mallinckrodt Inc., a leading manufacturer of generic opioid analgesic products.

– Vitamin D supplements are easy to administer to the patient himself, are well tolerated and usually costs less than 7 to 10 cents per day.In conclusion, Leavitt stresses that vitamin D can not be regarded as a cure for all pain conditions and in all patients. It is also not necessarily a replacement for other pain treatments. ‘While further research would be helpful, ‘he says, ‘currently showing the best evidence that recommend vitamin D in patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain and fatigue disorders would not hurt and might do much good at little cost. Produced health care providers should be considered for their patients early in the course of pain management. ‘.

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