Unlike overdoses and errors from other drugs, allergies to antibiotics typically can only just be prevented by avoiding contact with the drug to begin with. The analysis draws from the […]

.. AAHSA applauds Sen. Russ Feingold for introducing the Improving Quality of Care in ASSISTED LIVING FACILITIES Act The American Association of Homes and Solutions for the Aging’s President and […]

This puts them vulnerable to heart disease, stroke and kidney disease even. Moreover, this problem is costing the country 93.5 billion dollars in health care services. Putting too much faith […]

This arrogance can be a factor in the current suppression of safe and efficacious healing protocols. Of course, Big Pharma can be an even bigger factor. But the obstetrician who […]

2010 pertussis outbreak linked to vaccine-averse parents Parents who won’t vaccinate their children may be contributing to disease outbreaks directly, new research suggests. Researchers have connected parents not really vaccinating […]

AKI, which occurs in 23 percent of hospitalized individuals, accelerates CKD to end-stage renal disease,’ stated ASN President Molitoris. ‘This vicious cycle should be halted.’ ACP also suggested not examining […]