Overall in the region.

Overall in the region, are exclusive breastfeeding practice for infants under six months with a actual current overall rate of 32 % decline, with the exception of Algeria, Sudan and Tunisia, most countries in the region fall in EBP pRICES or have failed to monitor breastfeeding rates.

The workshop was convened to growing concern among public health experts on falling prices of exclusive breastfeeding and the relatively low proportion of Baby Friendly Hospitals tackling in the region.. While the average implementation of the Baby – Friendly Hospital Initiative in the region is below the global average, countries such as Iran, Oman determine determine a daunting pace, 90 % of its assets currently ‘Baby Friendly ‘is. However, countries in the region in the face of formidable challenges to the establishment of control mechanisms reliable data collection reliable data collection on infant and young child feeding. ‘With an EBF from about 29 % in Syria, along with our partners our future focus will be on expanding the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, strengthening national expertise on complementary feeding and reactivating the national code for breast milk substitutes to be,’added Mohamed Anis Salem, UNICEF Syria country Office representative.

Ulti-Country infants Feeding Workshop in Damascusinitiated a four-day regional workshop organized by the WHO and UNICEF ended today with the agreement significantly scale-up efforts by infants and young children feeding practices in the Middle East to improve North and Africa.Thus When using maintain and treatment of breast cancer symptoms of nausea, pain, fatigue and insomnia?

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