One of the certain consequence is normally infertility.

Toxic bathing products Phthalates can appear in soap also, shampoo, and detergents. In the process of bathing, heat is simple to accelerate the discharge of harmful chemicals and more likely to enter the body. 3.Car heating cushion Using car heating cushion is very comfortable; however, it can lead to a high heat range of male reproductive organ, and damage sperm quality thus. In addition, a heating cushion could cause testicular temperature is too high to disturb the sperm’s normal producing. 4.Shopping receipts The study proves that about 40 % of the computer print shopping receipts contain a chemical substance will destroy the hormone in bisphenol A . It will decrease the quality and level of the sperm greatly. 5. Agricultural items with pesticide It should be washed before making meals thoroughly.Price wise, FUT is a means less economic procedure in comparison to FUE. Besides, in addition, it enables the cosmetic surgeon to harvest larger amount of grafts to the balding regions, that too in one surgical session. Although at the same time, it is to be described that the scalp needs additional time to heal followed by a strip excision surgery. Moreover, FUE is more invasive in nature minimally, with hardly detected scars making it prefect for patients who dread linear scarring.