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In 2010 2010, the newest year for which data is available. The number of U.S. TB cases has been on a steady decline since a resurgence in 1992, and in 2012, reached the cheapest level since nationwide reporting began in 1953. The Nevada Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance investigated the case, and determined that the Las Vegas hospital wasn’t taking proper precautions to contain infections. November In, eight employees, former individuals and visitors filed a negligence lawsuit searching for damages from the hospital. Family members of the young mom who died of the condition have said in addition they plan to sue.Discussion This was a large U.S. Listeriosis outbreak, with 147 ailments and 33 deaths reported among residents of 28 states. Consumption of cantaloupe was significantly associated with illness; investigative findings confirmed that entire cantaloupe produced by an individual Colorado farm was the outbreak supply. Although severe listeriosis illnesses are likely to be verified by tradition and reported, additional outbreak-related illnesses probably occurred but were unidentified.17-19 It is notable that listeriosis outbreak was associated with whole produce.