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‘The pill proved to be revolutionary potential effects on society were quickly and deeply into the 1960s,’said David A. Of Family Health International in Durham, ‘With the advent of the pill were women the opportunity to safely and effectively plan their pregnancy instead given to less effective methods levitra tablets 20 mg . The pill is the door to the door to new delivery systems for hormonal contraception, including the injectable, implantable, and transdermal. Today, most the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted approval for a pharmaceutical the the first oral contraceptive, the early versions of the pill contained almost four times the amount of estrogen and nearly ten times the sum. Amount progestin as current formulations of the pill today. Five decades later, there are more than 40 different FDA-approved birth control pills, including branded and generic versions. The pill led to the development of a wide range of other hormonal contraceptives, including transdermal patches, vaginal ring, implants, injections and intrauterine devices that women options options.

The original pill was approved to followed followed for 21 days by seven days of placebo pills, This regime allowed women monthly. Uterine haemorrhage experience mimicked a normal period, while in fact it has not ovulating. Today, most of the oral contraceptives have been taken in the same way, but newer versions formulated by 40 percent to less hormone – free days and some are for menstrual suppression or avoid monthly periods is generally FDA approved. ‘In the near future we are likely change in pill – taking therapies and different estrogens and progestins are seen ‘, ‘but ‘no radical changes are in sight. ‘.

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