Obamacare Likely to Spur Rise in Chronic Disease Diagnoses: Study: WEDNESDAY.

Insured people were more likely than uninsured people to get a diagnosis for a chronic disease, including diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, the scholarly study said. Even if uninsured Americans were diagnosed with a chronic disease, people that have insurance were much more likely to have their condition under control, the study found. Those with insurance had better levels of blood pressure, blood cholesterol and sugar, the findings showed. The analysis was published in the September problem of Health Affairs. The researchers said the findings indicated that the U.S. Health care system must be prepared to provide high-quality care for more and more Americans being diagnosed with chronic diseases..Extra newsworthy abstracts will focus on comparisons of new stents and trends in identifying which access points in the body are greatest for catheter-based procedures. As well as the oral and poster abstracts, TCT shall feature several late-breaking clinical trials and first report investigations. September The topics of those late-breaking studies will be announced in late.. Airplanes found to end up being full of filth; passengers flying in ‘tube of human feces’ The interiors of airplanes are awash in bacteria, including fecal bacteria, according to random checks conducted by Dallas-Fort Worth’s local CBS affiliate marketer. CBS 11 contracted a group to swab 10 surfaces on two separate planes randomly. We found roughly 3000 bacteria on this plate, said Karen Deiss, a microbiologist from Armstrong Forensic Laboratory in Arlington, Va.